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Wet shotcrete machine


The dominant products TK series rotor-piston wet shotcrete machines with independent intellectual properties are the most important achievements of this company after the arduous efforts of many years. With the unique rotor-piston cam feeding system, continuous feeding and thin-flow conveying are available. The product has good adaptability to concrete mixture with different sand percentage, reducing the dosage of cementing material and admixture. It has smooth surface for concrete- sprayed layer, and the thickness of spraying layer can be controlled at ease.

Wet Shotcrete Machine


  • 1. Easily charging, handy moving, high reliability, low cost, accurate measure.
  • 2. New-style driving mechanism, hugely reducing feeding height, low labor intensity, easily assembling.
  • 3. The weight of complete machine reduces 600kg and equipment mobility is better.
  • 4. Adopting new-style cam track and rolling body to obtain higher reliability and longer useful life.
  • 5. Improving the structure of wearing parts (for example combined board, piston and so on) to greatly reduce use-cost.
  • 6. Adding proportion for accelerator becomes better accurate owing to adopting international well-known metering pump.

Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Sectional drawing

Technical Parameters

Applications of wet-mix shotcrete machine:

  • 1. Concrete machine for tunnels,hydro-power engineering,mines,underground engineering,civil engineering and slope stabilization,etc.
  • 2. Artificial soil seeding for no soil surface, such as rock, sand, and for no fertility soil surface.
  • 3. Refractory material spraying and repair for industrial kilns or kilns's inner liner.

Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Sectional drawing:

  • 1.Rotor body assembly
  • 2.Compression structure
  • 3.Limit Block
  • 4.Cyclone
  • 5. Hopper
  • 6. Vibration Motor
  • 7. Main Motor
  • 8. Housing
  • 9. Hand wheel speed
  • 10. Speed display
  • 11. Transmission
  • 12. Pressure Gauge
  • 13. Add quick setting agent pump
  • 14. Electronic Control Box
  • 15. Steering
  • 16. The total inlet tube
  • 17. Sub-style device
  • 18. Upwind Road
  • 19. Leeward Road
  • 20. Reducer

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